Technological monitoring and technical security

M2M (Machine-to-Machine synergy) or Internet of Things (IoT) is an inevitable phenomenon in today's changing world, where all the dials and applications at serving the man being, are interacting with each other. This integration entails a large database that needs to be accumulated, monitored and managed seamless interconnection to ensure the safely and comfortable functioning of all areas of human activity.

ABELEXTEH SRL is developing and assumes the installation of unique automated supervisory control systems, placing the main emphasis on technical security for this purpose.

What Can We Offer You?

The services provided by the security company ABELEXTEH SRL are in line with the mission the company has set itself since its creation: to entrust the task of controlling technological processes, security and medical events to automated systems.

Technological monitoring and technical security service

Technical security, dispatching of technological processes - exceeding temperature, humidity, etc. - and medical events 

Territorial dispatch service

Dispatching of neighbouring residential areas, entrances to houses, as well as commercial or industrial properties

Production and sale of monitoring equipment

Video surveillance systems, intercom equipment, technical monitoring equipment, equipment for remote access, medical monitoring equipment